True Joy Set

Joy, laughter and play IN A BIG WAY. Use the Joy Juice Elixir, Mist & Serum at the same time, and enjoy life more. Have more fun, keep life simple, and experience a sense of freedom. 

Joy Juice Elixir :: flower essences in a delicious wildflower honey elixir*

Joy Juice Mist :: flower essences & fruity-citrus aromatherapy in a joyful mist*

Joy Juice Serum :: flower essences & fruity-citrus aromatherapy in luscious calendula-infused oil*

All three goodies in a colorful organza bag inside a kraft pillow box wrapped with pretty ribbon and a postcard with full descriptions of use and benefits. 

*See individual products for full descriptions and ingredients. 

elixir, mist + serum: $125.00