December 08, 2017


TRAVEL TIPS Holidays...
During travel there are a variety of challenges, especially when we travel by air. We’re subjected to the radiation that exists in the upper atmosphere, which can be fatiguing. We can easily get dehydrated. Being in different time zones throws off our sleep and eating schedules. We’re surrounded by people, which can make us feel energetically drained. Then there are stressors like waiting in long lines, worrying about making a flight on time, and dealing with security.
Here are 5 tips for keeping your energy & vitality high during the holiday travel season:
Flower elixirs like Yarrow revitalize the body after airplane travel. Flower elixirs for patience and kindness, like Nectarine, Hollyhock, and Bodhi Tree, are helpful for allaying the impatience and irritation that can arise during travel, and flower elixirs for sleep and vitality can negate or reduce the effects of jet lag and travel fatigue. On one trip to India for a spa and hospitality conference, it took me over 30 hours to get to Delhi. When I did arrive, it was 6:30 A.M., which meant that the best thing to do was stay awake all day, so I could reset my sleep schedule. For the weeks leading up to my trip, I had taken several flower elixirs for travel, including Yarrow. I also put them in every glass and bottle of water I drank on the plane and took them often as drops in the mouth. For the first week I was in India, I took them every few hours. I was amazed at how manageable the jet lag was after traveling so far and being awake for so long. In the afternoons when I felt a little sleepy I would take the flower elixirs, and they gave me so much vitality I never had to take a nap.
I shared this story with my friend Michon who was planning a trip to Singapore and the Philippines. She, her husband, and her mother followed the same protocol and couldn’t believe how little jetlag they experienced. They stayed in Asia for about a month and when they flew back home, they didn’t follow the protocol. Michon said without the flower elixirs it took her several weeks to recover from jetlag after arriving home.

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