July 28, 2014


jade colored agave I spent the last couple of days in Santa Monica ... an incredible respite from Phoenix, where it’s been 111 degrees daily. {At night the black asphalt holds in all the heat, preventing the nightly desert summer rains + making for a nice 103 degrees when I walk the dogs at night. If you’ve never experienced it, it's like the whoosh of intense heat when you open the oven door - except this time it’s when you open the front door.} That’s what makes a simple sunset walk in Santa Monica all the more divine. The cool breezes, luscious greenery, fresh ocean air + relaxed attitude. Whenever I come to LA, I stay with my friend Kamal, who I met years ago on the street. It was one of those strange coincidental meetings that sparks an instant friendship in five minutes. If you knew each of us separately, you’d know that it’s totally unusual for both of us. I can’t remember any other time that I met someone on the street + became instant friends. kamal taking photos Kamal owns the iconic restaurant in Santa Monica called The Rose. It’s a gorgeous, spacious restaurant with a massive mural of a rose painted on the inside. There’s tons of breezy outdoor seating + they make the best coffee. I don’t drink coffee anymore, so I have the chai latte - made from scratch with an Indian recipe. Kamal’s name means Lotus + he grew up in India. Then he lived in London, Montreal + now he lives in a beautiful neighborhood in Santa Monica full of flowering trees, succulents + blossoming orchids. Every time I come to visit Kamal, we laugh over meals or go for walks. Here are some photos from our sunset walk. sunset reflections bougainvilla dill flower forest santa monica beach big tree blue sunset yucca sunset palms sunset

Katie said:

It’s the palm trees, right? ; )


kamal said:

Nice !!! except for one photo ;-)



The Rose is wonderful, you must! Thanks for reading <3


Sey said:

Lovely photo album :) I’ll have to get a chai at The Rose next time I’m up there!

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