August 12, 2012


Bodhi Leaf The Bodhi Tree is a rare and sacred fig tree, native to India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and southern China. It symbolizes pure body, pure speech, pure mind and its leaves are shaped like exquisite hearts. The first time I saw a Bodhi tree I had just landed in Bodhgaya, India. After leaving our suitcases at our guest house and having a bite to eat, we set out on the 15-minute walk on the dirt roads toward the stupa, a sacred tower-like structure where people go to meditate. The stupa was located in the center of a tree-filled park surrounded by a gate. On the outer edge of the large courtyard, there was a wide walkway that people were strolling around. We too started to walk around this pathway, looking down into the lower section at the different sized stupas, statues, trees and flower gardens. Bodhi2 As we got halfway around the pathway, a strange sensation came over me and I began to weep quietly to myself. It was as if something overtook me - I was so filled with love and peacefulness - it was as if I felt like I was coming home from a long journey, one that I previously hadn’t known I was on or where I had originated from. We continued walking around the stupa in a circle, or as I later learned there was a term for it called ‘circumambulating’, which I visualize to be like walking around a lighthouse. As you walk around your body and mind carries this light outwards into space as if your body was spinning a wheel that emanates light and positivity. Nuns, monks, laypeople and householders alike all come to this place year-round to meditate, and make prayers and wishes. It is one of the most peaceful places I know. I choke up when I see the occasional drove of Taiwanese people weaving in and out of the meditators, placing money at their feet. They recognize and honor the huge difference the meditators are making the world with their minds and pure hearts - and offering them some money is one way they show their deep appreciation and gratitude for their efforts. Bodhi Tree1 Hundreds of thousands of people visit this place because it is where the Indian Prince named Shakyamuni came to sit under a Bodhi tree. He vowed to sit there until he became enlightened: 100% free of fear, anger and all disturbing emotions, awakening an all-pervasive love, compassion, kindness, pure motivation and a total understanding the past, present + future. The massive Bodhi trees at the base of the stupa are descendants of the very tree that existed there over 2500 years ago, where the prince made his vow, and became the first of many ‘Buddhas’, or enlightened ones. The first time I went to Bodhgaya it was in 2003 and I lived there for a month. HH the Dalai Lama was giving a special teaching for one week, called Kalachakra. After that I studied with another Tibetan teacher for three weeks. The experiences I had during this month changed me and my life forever. An entire decade passed before I went back to visit Bodhgaya again in 2013. This time, I wanted to be able to capture some of the power, magic and love that emanates from this special place and from the hearts of the sincere meditators who come to visit. What better way, then to make an elixir of the Bodhi tree! Bodhi - Use this one When I collected the tree leaves to make the essence, the sun was shining and everything around me seemed to sparkle. I was surrounded by monks, nuns and other meditators doing their practices. Stray dogs were prancing around the area and brightly-colored zinnia flowers looked like pinwheels in the sun. Time seemed to pause. The huge, heart-shaped leaves quivered on the branches of the massive trees that offered shade and cool moisture.

{If you’re interested to see more photographs of the area precisely where I collected the essence to make the Bodhi Tree elixir, find them here.}

Since then I have been waiting for the right time to share this essence. Now is the right time. The Bodhi Tree Elixir is a very strong and potent elixir. If at any time any discomfort arises, you can slow down and take it 1-2 times each day instead of five times/day. BODHI essence {Dissolves} Negative emotions, fear, aggression, anxiety and obsession, fear of violence, feeling unsafe or in an environment that is not welcoming. {Magnifies} Overwhelming love that pacifies emotions and enhances a nurturing, embracing, love for all beings; allowing other people to just ‘be’ and loving them for who they are without wanting to change them; feeling safe, loved and patient; sense of something greater than oneself, with unwavering peace; all-encompassing love, forgiveness, devotion, kindness, all-embracing tenderness, open-heartedness, softness and gentleness. Love + flower petals, xo-katie Buddha Lights Under Bodhi Tree

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