November 26, 2017


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="13551" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Activate: Play Message: Indulge in childlike discovery + euphoria. We were driving in the middle of Iceland, after having stopped at the Hveravellir Nature Reserve to soak in the hot springs. A place in the middle of nowhere, Hveravellir has boiling mud pots and massive steam vents. It’s in a part of the country that requires a 4x4 to get through, as the roads are unpaved and sometimes you have to cross rivers! Visually, the environment is dramatically beautiful, with enormous glaciers off in the distance and various shades of grey and brown earth next to blue and white mountains. It’s so barren that you don’t even see sheep in this part of the country, and this place has always been known as the place that outlaws came to hide in the past. Along with outlaws, it’s known as the home of trolls, particularly female ones. {Incidentally, we did not see any trolls ;) } [/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="13552" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]We were driving down the gravel roads, marveling constantly at the beauty of the stark landscape, when we came upon a huge patch of fluorescent green moss. It was so out of the ordinary and breath-taking, like a slam-on-the-brakes kind of beauty.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="13707" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Why it’s Special In Iceland, Moss is precious. In a place that you need a down jacket pretty much year-round, Moss has the opportunity to grow in summer. But this particular Moss that we found in Hveravellir seemed miraculous, because it was so fluorescent and located in a place where literally nothing else grew for hundreds of miles. It fed off of the glacier spring waters and held droplets in its little pockets. Like Mother Nature’s perfect essence, the pristine glacier water was held in an embrace by the moss during the day’s sunshine, imbuing the water with the vibrancy of the moss and it's environment.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="13553" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]What it Reveals If you find yourself attracted to Icelandic Moss, your inner child may be wanting to come out and play. You may be up for new adventures and discovery.  Maybe it’s time to explore a new place, a new hobby or experience your every day from a new perspective. Playing and being playful liberates tension and makes us more creative, productive and joyful! Alternatively, you may be experiencing the opposite at times. Ever had one of those days when you find yourself complaining about every little thing? This happens to me every time I come back into the U.S. after being out of the country for several weeks. The reverse culture shock makes me cranky and I notice every little thing that bugs me about my home culture. Laughing, being silly and monkeying around liberates that tension.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="13554" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]What the Elixir Catalyzes Icelandic Moss brings the essence of play back into our lives. It helps us let go of grumpy tension and awaken wonder, curiosity and the freedom we felt as a child. It helps us experience playful movement within our bodies, like the ability to roll around or run and explore. It helps us dissolve inhibition and take advantage of any opportunities we have to enjoy life and experience more freedom and playfulness in our bodies and daily lives. This is a type of play that is nourishing and revitalizing.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="13555" img_size="full"][vc_column_text]Alternatively, it soothes our systems when we’re experiencing stomachaches or other types of pain. In babies it’s a beneficial flower essence during teething or colic. Anything physical that makes us feel crunchy or crabby, Icelandic Moss brings the joy and play back alive in our systems. It’s comforting to the belly and helps us have more curiosity about any physical imbalances we may have, so we can learn from them, as well as find nourishing antidotes.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="12893" img_size="medium" alignment="center"][vc_column_text]In Essence {Magnifies} Curiosity; play; freedom  {Dissolves} Loneliness; sadness; crankiness[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Is your inner child ready to come out and play? Want to rediscover your child-like curiosity, excitement + wonder? Join us in the Flowerevolution by December 15th to experience the magic of Icelandic Moss, the perfect flower essences for the holiday season! Love + flower petals,[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="9822" img_size="full"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

October 29, 2017


Activate: Acceptance Message: Fall in love with what is. My mother has the proverbial green thumb; she can get any plant to grow. She even has a huge tropical Mandevilla vine blooming in the high desert of northern Arizona. The soil is rocky and dry, so she planted the Mandevilla in a big pot with a tall trellis. In a year the vine grew up the trellis and climbed two stories up to her deck! Mandevilla blooms in pink, red, white, and yellow varieties and loves warmer climates. The flowers on the vine start out as oversize pink buds that are tightly curled into a spiral pattern. Native to Central and South America, this showy flower vine can be trained to grow up a trellis or garden wall by using twist ties to guide the vines where you want them to grow, either horizontally or vertically. One species of Mandevilla from Chile, Mandevilla laxa, even smells like gardenias! Not an edible flower, Mandevilla is a part of the dogbane family; all members of this family are toxic to people and animals. Mandevilla itself is not as poisonous as other flowers in its family, such as oleander and periwinkle, but if ingested, it does cause indigestion. Mandevillas are considered a low-maintenance vine, and pruning from time to time makes them flourish. What it Reveals If you’re attracted to the Mandevilla flower, you may recently have felt a twinge of fear at the prospect of losing something. It’s natural to feel attachment to the way things are—to people, places, or things that we love. Yet the nature of life is that things are constantly changing, and thus you may have recently felt anguish or worry about losing something or someone you love. The more you cling, the less empowered you feel. Being drawn to Mandevilla can also indicate impatience or rushing, which can lead to physical tension and discomfort. What the Elixir Catalyzes Mandevilla helps us feel secure in the love that we possess inside us, rather than needing something from the outside to feel complete and whole. This leads to peacefulness, contentment, and the liberation of creative energy. When we’re not holding on too tightly to something or someone, we have more energy at our disposal to appreciate the unfathomable rightness of how things actually are. Mandevilla flower elixir helps us to be profoundly at peace with the way things are, without wanting to change them or wishing for another outcome. It opens us up to being more present with what is, dissolving attachment and fear of loss. In Essence {Magnifies} Deep appreciation of the present moment; peace, patience, and contentment; freedom and creativity {Dissolves} Fear of loss regarding people or possessions; anger, anguish, or sadness as a result of clinging; fear of abandonment or rejection

Drawn to the superpower Mandevilla has to offer? Experience the magic with its elixir.

Love + flower petals,

October 23, 2017


I was tickled with delight when I saw Grevillea for the first time in a garden north of San Francisco. The little flowers looked like red snails to me—and they looked like they were giving me the middle finger! I later saw them in the beautiful Bay Area nursery, Flora Grubb, and was finally able to identify them with their proper name, instead of calling them “red snail flower.” I have since found many beautiful versions of this flower, in different colors and varieties, on Australian Instagram profiles. Grevillea is native to Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, and New Caledonia—areas that have both rain forests and wide open habitats. In the U.S. I’ve seen Grevillea growing in both Northern and Southern California. Australian Aborigines traditionally loved this plant because the flower is filled with sweet nectar that can be shaken out into one’s mouth or hands; the nectar was mixed with water to make a sweet drink. Grevillea flowers are still known as “bush lollies,” or lollipops of the wild bush, in Australia. As fun as it sounds, nowadays it’s not recommended to drink the nectar directly from the flowers, as some of the cultivars contain toxins. What it Reveals If you’re attracted to the Grevillea flower, you may have a tendency to hold back your words for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. You may have clear insights that don’t get expressed for fear of appearing too brash or direct. In most cases, this kind of hesitation or repression of speech keeps situations stagnant and prevents learning. To constantly hold back in an effort to appear “nice” or be politically correct can keep relationships stuck on a level that lacks compassionate honesty. Alternatively, there may be a situation in your life in which you are experiencing dread, anger, aversion, or even disgust. You may be unable to voice how you really feel or get to the bottom of why you feel that way. What the Elixir Catalyzes Red snail flower, the name I had given Grevillea, fits the action of the flower, as it helps us come of out of our shell and express ourselves, without fear of how someone else will feel about it. Grevillea gives us the courage to speak up and say directly things that we would usually hold back. It eradicates the habit of hesitation, and we find ourselves with the ability to deliver a clear message and shoot straight from the hip. With Grevillea, we no longer fear losing a relationship as a result of something we say, and we’re able to speak calmly and honestly. In turn, people around us respond well to our frankness. It helps us understand difficult situations quickly and not obsess about the details. When we’re able to freely communicate and express our truth without fear of hurting another person’s feelings, we can cut to the chase, evolving our relationships faster, and feeling more authentic in everyday interactions. Once we learn to be direct and honest in our communications, people trust us more. Oftentimes, they actually don’t respond in the negative way we imagine they will; our sheer transparency is refreshing and creates more elasticity and spaciousness in our exchanges with them. In Essence {Magnifies} Fearless speech; coming out of your shell; expression that enhances engaging with others {Dissolves} Fears around speaking your truth; suppression of anger and frustration; apathy, dread, resistance, aversion, disgust

Drawn to the superpower Grevillea has to offer? Experience the magic with its elixir.

Love + flower petals,

October 13, 2017


 Self Heal      Activate: Self-healing  Message: It’s time to thrive. When we were in Iceland, we trekked from the northernmost to the southernmost tip of the arctic island. We made our way to a hot springs that looked idyllic + deserted in all the photos. But when we arrived, we were overwhelmed + taken aback by all the unexpected tourists. We walked up the river a distance, climbing over craggy rocks, and hopping over streams back up into the canyon where there were no people. To our exhilarating surprise, we found a secret hot springs tucked around the corner where no one could see us. Bubbling with about as much joy as the boiling water mixing with the babbling glacier river, we peeled off our clothes down to our swimsuits underneath and slowly stepped into the hot water. We soaked our bodies in the hot pools of varying temperatures, blissed out watching the freezing river rush by at the rocks’ edge. On the other side of the river were gigantic mountains awash in neon lime green and chartreuse mosses and lichen, reaching up into the rich blue sky horizon. After soaking, I felt like exploring + looking for flowers, so I dried off and put on my shoes. The steep cliffside next to the hot springs was lush, and there were tons of friendly, long-legged spiders skittering alongside me on the rocks. Halfway up the cliff, out of the blue, I was overcome with dizziness. I had to sit down, for fear of falling down the mountain. I wasn’t overheated by the hot springs, and thought this dizzy feeling quite odd. My hands reached out to touch the ground beneath me. I took a deep breath. Off in the near distance I spied a flash of color underneath some huge green leaves. I cocked my head to the side and peered a little closer. There was a little purple flower hiding underneath the leaves. I moved closer and as I lifted up the leaf, this wild Self Heal flower took my breath away. It looked so regal, so perfect, so crazy wild + exotic there - all by itself. I had been secretly wanting to find this flower on this trip, but wasn’t sure where it grew. And now, here it was! Something about the minerals and varying temperatures of the hot bubbling boiling water meeting the icy glacier water and all the various reactions that it caused, like the swirls of air and mist {and other reasons I’m not botanically equipped enough to understand}, this was the perfect hiding place for the Self Heal flower. I’d been all over Iceland, exploring all sizes of waterfalls and hot springs, without seeing it before. And here in this place on the cliffside, it was as if this flower threw me off kilter, so I would be forced to get down on its level to discover it. Why it’s Special Self Heal is an herb found in Europe, Asia and North America. Rich in vitamins like A, C, K and flavonoids, it's edible and its leaves can be boiled in soups, tossed into salads and infused into teas + other beverages. The true magic of this flower, however, is in its name: Self Heal. Also known as Heal-All and Heart of the Earth, in Chinese medicine it is considered to be the herb that alters the course of an illness. Historically among indigenous cultures, it was used as a poultice to disinfect + soothe the skin and heal wounds. What it Reveals If you find yourself attracted to Self Heal, there is some part of you, either physically or of the heart that is longing to heal, by healing itself. Each of us has the capacity and resources to not only get to the root causes of physical imbalances and emotional patterning, but to gain the insights from them and shift from surviving — to thriving. What the Elixir Catalyzes Self Heal is the quintessential flower for activating the body’s capacity to heal itself. Rather than just surviving, this flower helps you shift into the gear of thriving. It awakens the body, mind + heart’s ability to rediscover its natural balance + stimulates our inherent and energetic knowing sense of balancing all aspects of ourselves from the inside out. Self Heal dissolves any resistance to self-care, self-nourishment + self-healing.  Sometimes we take on too much and getting sick is our body's way to slow down. Self Heal helps us understand the messages of our bodies, so that we don't push ourselves to the point of getting a sick, exhausted, burnt out or physically ill. It helps us notice more acutely the needs of the physical body, like eating when we're hungry, resting when we need a break, taking naps when we need sleep and stretching our muscles when we need it. Self Heal revitalizes us, recalibrates our energy + enhances our awareness of what's needed in the moment. On an emotional level, Self Heal gives us a sense of courage and heart. It enlivens us and sparks our desire to thrive. It magnifies our ability to recognize the conditions most conducive for operating at our fullest potential. In Essence {Magnifies} Vitality, energy, self-healing; deeper understanding of the conditions you thrive in; getting to the root cause of fatigue, exhaustion or illness; self-nourishment; sharper awareness of the body's moment-to-moment needs; conviction regarding the need to care for oneself {Dissolves} Lack of self-care; fatigue, weariness; momentum of imbalance; habitual pattern of overextending or suppressing needs when hungry, thirsty, tired, etc. Ready to tap into your body's innate ability to heal itself and thrive? Join us in the Flowerevolution by November 14th to experience the magic! Love + flower petals,

September 29, 2017


Flowers magnetize us with their beauty and reflect back to us our own essence. Flowers serve as messengers to remind us of our own goodness, strength + highest potential. They embody purity, love + joy and elicit all that and more within us. We designed our *NEW* Flowerevolution Card Deck with the intention to inspire an awakening of your inner wisdom. With 54 gorgeous flower cards with insightful messages, countless insights + self-discoveries await you! Flowers are mirrors, reflecting back to us the keys to our own awakening + transformation ~ revealing the qualities that most want to be amplified. Using 8 different visual + intuitive reading methods, discover new insights about yourself, navigate through challenging situations + reveal your greatest impact. If you're wanting to take the experience of the card deck one step further, we invite you to use the Flowerevolution Book to gain deeper insights with:
  • Juicy readings on what the flower reveals + catalyzes
  • Flower-specific reflection questions, action steps, recipes + DIY's
  • Visual healing aspects of stunning flower photography
As you explore the deck, you may discover a series of flowers you want to get to know more deeply. The good news: we have a flower elixir experience for every single card in the deck! By tapping into flowers and their elixirs, we have a method at our fingertips that will enhance the transformative effects of the flowers + helps us be our most loving, peaceful, fearless, happy, clearest selves. Our biggest wish is that you use these cards to reflect, ask questions + more deeply connect with yourself, your loved ones + Mother Nature.

Pick a flower. Change your life.

September 21, 2017


Though I had seen many banana trees when I lived in Mexico and traipsed through the jungles from Chiapas to Tulum, I didn’t make a flower elixir of the Banana blossom until I lived in the Arizona desert a decade later. I met a botanical genius who had created his own little sustainable oasis in the desert, with palm-thatched huts, hot rock saunas, and self-cleansing lily ponds. His every thumb and finger was green, and he could get anything to grow in the desert, even flowers that should only grow in the tropics or herbs that should only grow in the moist, black soil of Oregon. I spent a day on his land, which was a paradise by any standard, much less in the dry Arizona desert. It included a bamboo forest, a banana tree forest, enormous avocado and loquat trees, tiny unraveling ferns, and other secret treasures, like white and yellow bog irises, exotic-looking cashmere plants, and explosions of elderflowers. I chewed on sour grass and ate hollyhock petals and sweet mulberries. I got intoxicated with aromas of fruity roses and tulsi holy basil. His living garden was lush and full of revitalizing plant medicines and nourishing food. One of the plants that I felt most embodied the lusciousness of this utopian wonderland was the banana tree. Coincidence or synchronicity would have it that I arrived at this magical place on the full moon—when flowers are right at their peak—so I climbed up on a ladder and made a flower elixir of the blossoms exploding out of the top of a huge banana tree. The life cycle of a banana plant is a short three years. It shoots out from a potatolike root with “eyes” and grows tall. From the top of the plant a gorgeous pink and purple bud hangs down, called an inflorescence. Little white and yellow flowers hide under each section of the purple inflorescence, and these are what ultimately turn into bananas. After the bananas come and go, the tree dies. Many more banana trees grow up from its roots. Banana plants are a pioneer species, meaning that they take keenly to growing on land through which a fire has just passed; they are one of the first species to grow in such areas. They are also known as a keystone species, which means that they open the door for more wildlife to come into specific environments, because they regenerate so rapidly and provide a food source for so many different animals. What it Reveals If you’re attracted to the Banana blossom, you may have recently been feeling pressured for time or worried that you won’t make a deadline or accomplish something within a specific time limit. You likely feel like you’re always on the go—rushed or worried about making deadlines. The scurry of today’s lifestyle rarely inspires the great ahas of the century, and it can sometimes squeeze you so tight that the channel to your best potential is squelched and temporarily shut down. Simultaneously, you may crave taking a vacation on a tropical island somewhere. You may feel like slowing down your life’s pace and dedicating time to yourself to decompress. You may also be experiencing fears around time frames regarding long-term or life goals such as finding love, getting pregnant, establishing a career, or growing a business. What the Elixir Catalyzes The Banana flower elixir dissolves fears of not being able to do something within a specific time limit. This can apply to work projects with deadlines, for example, when we worry about not being able to complete the project in a given time line. Banana elixir helps us trust ourselves and our ability to get things done on time. Banana blossom gives us confidence in our ability to achieve our utmost priorities, simultaneously helping us feel more at ease, stable, peaceful, and honest with ourselves and others about our progress. It frees our mind of the fears around time, so that time doesn’t rule us. Instead, we rule time. Oftentimes we get our best ideas when we’re able to step away from the pressures of e-mails and phone calls and other people’s emergencies. When we allow our minds to relax, stretch, and perceive the world with more awareness, we can more fearlessly and effortlessly accomplish our aims in a way that’s beyond what we think is possible. In science they call this the state of “flow,” and it happens when you’re able to let go and your time is relatively unstructured—even if it’s only for a short period. Banana blossom enhances the experience of being totally in the groove, when time seems to stretch itself and a huge amount of work, creativity, or innovation is churned out in a very short time. When we slow down a little—enough to let the pressure subside—and we can be ourselves and in tune, euphoria and effortlessness arise. In Essence {Magnifies} Spacious, expansive mind; bringing projects to fruition with ease; slowing down to rest and feel nurtured {Dissolves} Hurrying; feeling anxious; worry about not having enough time

Drawn to the spaciousness Banana Blossom has to offer? Experience the magic with its elixir.

Love + flower petals,

September 18, 2017


Activate: Dreaminess Message: You are magic. I was traveling throughout Iceland; we were headed to a secret hot spring that only locals know about. We drove around, wandered by foot, drove around some more, asked some horses which way to go, until we finally knocked on a farmer’s door to get the scoop. After a quick stop to eat a few handfuls of wild blueberries, we found the hot spring. Or rather, first we found the huge waterfall; then we saw the hot spring. A silent place with nothing but mossy + grassy expanses, the glacier river passed through the area, rushing down the huge rocks, carving out the canyon below. At the top of the waterfall was the hot spring. The Icelandic veterans would sit in the hot spring, get really hot and then dip in the rushing river, placing their belly on the riverbed, pushing themselves down + up in the icy water before it tumbled over the side of the rocks. Right next to the hot spring and waterfall was a huge patch of Icelandic Vicia. Growing all across the hillside, its tendrils reached out in all directions and the flowers grew about two feet tall. You could lie down inside the plants and look up through the light purple blossoms at the sky. We took a moment to lie among the Vicia flowers for an exquisite rest. All of the tension I didn't even know I was holding, instantly melted and dissolved in the presence of these pretty purple blossoms. Why it’s Special A flower native to Europe and Asia, Vicia enriches the soil. It has nitrogen-fixing properties and it curbs erosion. Also known as Tufted Vetch, the Icelandic Vicia is in the pea family, and like peas, it has tendrils that reach out up to six feet long, with a taproot that can grow up to three feet long into the ground. The flowers are light purple, growing together in a tuft at the top of the vine. Beyond what it does for the soil and the Earth, the reason it is so special is the way it makes you feel. Lying in a field of Icelandic Vicia is one of the most relaxing + magical experiences. It lulls you into the most delicious state of relaxation, encouraging you to rest + perceive everything around you through a dreamy lens. What it Reveals If you find yourself attracted to the Icelandic Vicia flower, you may be craving one of the following: deep rest, the ability to do nothing + just be, freedom of expression or a sense of magic! You are likely experiencing the subtle tensions of a busy lifestyle, and what you most need is a break. Not just any break, but one in which you are free to be fully yourself, let down your guard and let it all hang out. What the Elixir Catalyzes Just as the Icelandic Vicia flower is nourishing to the Earth, the flower elixir is nourishing to our bodies + hearts. It releases tension, worry and the most subtle strains within our nervous systems - typically from our go-go-go mentality and lifestyles. It softens any kind of resistance we have to anything in our lives, dissolving places within us that are closed off, closed-minded, hard or uptight. Anything we are holding onto, like deep repressed emotions or when we feel verklempt, we can finally release the emotional tension + experience a sense of relief. Icelandic Vicia flower helps us feel nourished, loved + free, with the ability to deeply relax and just BE. We perceive the world around us as spacious, magical + dreamy. We appreciate all the complexity of detail + delicacy in our environments vs. feeling rough, or like a bull in a china shop, due to our bodies feeling clumsy with tension. Shyness disappears, helping us let loose, be vulnerable and bare all - in an empowering and easeful way. Our ability to see magical qualities that reside within us is heightened. Our sensuality is liberated. We experience a freedom of expression that is enlivening. Miscellaneous notes: This elixir is can be very helpful for musicians, comedians, dancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, pregnant women or anyone looking to dissolve or reduce resistance of any kind ~ opening up oneself to one's greatest capacity for freedom of expression, creativity and fully being oneself in the most unique and magical way possible. In Essence Magnifies: Ability to rest and be; sense of freedom and openness; desire to let loose + embrace magic Dissolves: Worry + go-go-go tension; feeling closed off or hardened; any kind of resistance to life Ready to experience your own magic? Want more freedom of expression? Join us in the Flowerevolution by October 15th for access to the Icelandic Vicia flower elixir! Love + flower petals,

August 29, 2017


Sharing the flower power! Immerse yourself in our month long Thunder Moon Flowerlounge road-trip, documented by our amazing Beauty Revealer, Taylor. {Make sure you watch through the end for the blooper reel!} Here are some of the numbers for this epic road trip: - Flowers offered: 21,000+ - Collective miles traveled: 12,316 miles - Hours in the car: over 160 - Full-on, jam-packed days together: 25 - Flowerlounges: 7 - Flower Offerings: 7 - Road trip crew (switching in/out): 9 - Wild animals + insects: 36 + 1 unconfirmed Bear - New flower essences collected: 10 - People we directly impacted: 435 - Intended positive impact of the events on communities (ripple effect): 39 million - Airbnb's: 11 - Tipi's: 2 - Campsites: 2 - Lightning bugs: approx 1032 - Thunderstorms: 6 - Rainbows: 4 - Bodies of water spontaneously jumped in: 6 - Sunburns: 4 - Horse bites (yes, horse bites, during our horse therapy session!): 3 - Roasted marshmallows: Approx 68 If this documentary resonates with you in any way, please help us spread the flower power. Share on your social media channels, send to a loved one. And let us know in the comments how this made you feel!

August 25, 2017


Activate: Vulnerability Message: Reveal yourself. Why it’s Special  Native to southern India, the Indian Clock Vine is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowering vines in the world. Growing in the tropical forests near Mysore, at elevations of almost 3000 feet, it boasts bright yellow + maroon flowers with red petal tips. The vine grows up to 20 feet long and has sweet nectar that attracts hummingbirds + sunbirds. Because of its bright colors + fun shape, it is also known as brick & butter vine, lady’s slipper vine, dolls’ shoes + the Mysore trumpet vine. It makes an excellent addition to any tropical or warm-climate garden, pergola or greenhouse, blooming from spring through fall. What it Reveals If you find yourself attracted to the Clock Vine flower, you may be ready to see or unleash a part of you that is very deep inside your heart. There may be something bubbling inside you that you've not previously wanted to see or face, because it might require some sort of discomfort. And yet, there is also a part of you that is so totally ready for a big change - a bolder expression of you, a more expansive manifestation of all you have to offer in this life, that requires you to fully look at what's been previously hidden. You may also be sensing that you are standing at a crossroads, choosing between two very different paths to take. Or you may have the feeling that you are standing at a doorway, knowing full well that if you step through it, you will feel a grander acceptance of gifts and abundance. Along with knowing this movement forward will create a fuller capacity of who you are + who you are to be in this life, you may be feeling fearful of what you would be required to change or leave behind. You may not even be able to see the full expression of you yet, because it is beyond your current imagination or patterning, but you can sense that is it there + you are being asked to step toward or into it. What the Elixir Catalyzes The Clock Vine flower enhances our ability to be completely honest + self-accepting of whatever our experience is, and when the time is right, be open to showing others what it is we are experiencing on the deepest levels. It magnifies our ability to let things fall apart + disassemble, in order to reassemble them into a new order, one that's more aligned with our highest potential. It helps us tap bravery + courage to look fearlessly at our lives, and where there is misalignment, able to do something about it. We may not know what it is or fully understand it, but that which is bubbling up within us gains a direct channel through our heart. We are able to 'take out our guts and put them on the table' - for ourselves to see + be with, as well as having the bravery to allow our closest loved ones to also witness or gain a window into what's happening deep within us. We see more clearly whatever is it that we have not been confronting within ourselves. Clock Vine flower gives us the power, strength, vulnerability, ‘real-ness’, rawness + openness to make big, bold changes that will catapult us forward. It helps us have difficult conversations and see the big picture of what's next. In Essence Magnifies: Revealing the deepest parts of yourself; direct channel from your heart; fearless, raw vulnerability Dissolves: Fear of being exposed or vulnerable; pride, aloofness, pretenses; fear of others seeing something about you that is ugly or scary Ready to be brave? Resonating with the superpowers of Indian Clock Vine? Join us in the Flowerevolution by September 14th to experience the magic! Love + flower petals,

August 11, 2017


Trumpet Vine has little tendrils that grab on to anything and climb up walls. Bees buzz in and out of the flowers, and hummingbirds zoom through space, poking their long slender beaks into the trumpets for nectar. The flowers open their mouths in song with voluptuous, caricature-like lips. Since I was a child who had a tendency to be shy and found it difficult to speak my mind, this flower often called my name. There are two kinds of Trumpet Vine, one that’s native to China (Campsis grandiflora) and one that’s native to the eastern United States (Campsis radicans). Also known as Trumpet Creeper, this vine grows vigorously and blossoms into large trumpet-shaped flowers in the brightest of reds, oranges, and yellows. The Chinese variety has the largest flowers and is not quite as invasive as its American sister, which has been known to swallow entire buildings and trees if not guided through pruning. To avoid damaging houses or strangling trees, you should plant this variety away from them. Their green tendrils grab on to surfaces and quickly turn into a woody vine. After the flowers die, long seedpods emerge and fall off the vine. When you prune the plant, gloves are recommended, as it can be irritating to the skin. What it Reveals If you’re attracted to the Trumpet Vine flower, you may be struggling to speak with ease. You may feel blocked in the throat or hesitant in your speech. Perhaps you need to have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding, or you tend to avoid difficult conversations altogether. Being drawn to Trumpet Vine usually indicates a general fear of speaking and public speaking. You may want to develop your singing voice and your vocal projection. What the Elixir Catalyzes The Trumpet Vine flower dissolves blockages and self-limiting patterns regarding speech and communication. It cuts through fears of speaking up, while magnifying our ability to speak freely about what’s inside us, even if it’s a difficult conversation. Trumpet Vine also helps us develop and refine our singing voice. It enhances our comfort with being heard and being seen by other people, and even by large audiences. In Essence {Magnifies} Ability to speak freely about what's inside you; effortless communication even during difficult conversations; enhanced singing voice {Dissolves} Fear of speaking and being heard; communication issues; avoidance of saying what needs to be said

Experience the Magic of Trumpet Vine!

Love + flower petals,