March 22, 2017



{March 21- April 19}

The time of fiery Aries is here! People born under Aries are independent, courageous, generous + optimistic. There’s a fire burning within those ruled by Mars. Spontaneous, frank + open,  they can sometimes come off as being selfish, stubborn + reckless, like fire itself. However, the desire to keep everyone on their toes comes from their childlike side. Like children, Aries must explore their limits to continue their growth + development. Original + idealistic, hands-on creative projects ignite the spark inside of Aries, inspiring them to create + improve in every moment. candles-1323090_1920 Beeswax Candles Aries is the first fire sign, meaning it is the most dynamic + temperamental. Giving the gift of a confined flame is perfect for their mental + emotional mindset. Sometimes, pairing fire with fire can be the best thing to do {when they are both under control}! Make sure you find one that's 100% ethically collected beeswax ~ traditional candles are full of toxic ingredients + artificial scents, and even many alternatives, like soy, can pose health issues. Honey Candles is one of our favorites! FullSizeRender-13 The Art of Asking Aries tend to be very stubborn with their ideas + decisions. They often stick to their own perspective + dislike having others influence what they choose to do. The Art of Asking is a guide to letting go of the fear of asking for help. Amanda Palmer had to face this fear on her own. She began asking for help whenever she needed it + the outcome was liberating for her! This book will help push Aries to break out of their shell a little bit more + accept opinions from other people. Quiet Mind Mist Fires can be wild, unpredictable, raging + destructive if they’re not controlled. When their fire is contained, they ignite heat, light + passion. Just like fire, Aries are at their best under control. Quiet Mind allows all of the flying sparks to be confined. It dissolves restlessness, distraction + enhances efficiency in every aspect of life. Citrine Citrine + Red Jasper Being defensive is right up the alley of an Aries. Citrine allows them to accept constructive criticism without become defensive. Try stringing citrine to a chain for Aries to have it on them at all times! While spontaneity can be a positive quality, recklessness carries a negative connotation. Red Jasper is best for decreasing impulsivity. It encourages thinking before acting, helping diminish some of that reckless stigma. Happy gift giving! Star magic + flower petals, Creative Magician Kylee

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