December 16, 2016


Everyone could use a little help with gift ideas when the holiday’s come around! If you’re like me, then you care about what you give and where you are giving from. I love buying from artisans, solopreneurs, family-run businesses & small companies that love what they do. The quality shows in the passion, care and love put into the products/services! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year... SMUDGE STICK JUNIPER RIDGE INCENSE + SMUDGE STICKS Simple + sweet! Juniper Ridge products are natural and wildcrafted. Their team explores the mountains to find and collect fragrances from the Earth itself! They produce sprays, teas, incense, soap, oils and colognes. My favorite is the Desert Pinion Campfire Incense. With the aroma of sweet pine, resin, desert campfire and chiminea, you’ll be left feeling like you’re standing in the middle of the forest. img_7365 PONS SANDALS When I was in my early 20’s, Spain was my ‘home’; I lived in Madrid and visited Barcelona, the South of Spain & the Canary Islands. I did not, however, ever make it to Menorca, where these gorgeous, timeless shoes are made in the most exquisite rainbow of colors. Here’s a video of where & how the shoes are made by hand on the island. What I also love about the company is that they have an ‘outlet’ button on their site, and they sell (at a discount) shoes that have a little scratch or some other minor imperfection – how cool is that? Wabisabi! And … they make shoes for women, men, kids & even babies! Check out their gorgeous USA Instagram here. _mg_6044 WEI OF CHOCOLATE Who doesn't love chocolate? Make someone's dream come true and give them the gift of guilt-free yumminess {organic, fair trade, vegan, GMO-free, dairy-free, gluten-free+ soy-free}! On top of all that, our sister company also infused every piece of decadent bliss with flower essences! NANDINA If you want to get yourself or a loved one a nice, soft new set of towels for luxuriating during bath time, check out Nandina Organics ~ owned by Laurel & Matt, the nicest couple who would give you the shirts off their backs. Their store is located in Palm Springs, California within a community of other artisans, artists & vintage antique collectors. They carry a wide variety of organic, bamboo & hand-woven bath towels in every price range {my personal favorites are the bamboo towels in Persimmon (bright orange) and Lichen (chartreuse)}. They even have hand-woven peshtemal towels and throws, made by a community in Turkey that still hand-weave on old traditional looms! UMBERDOVE UMBER DOVE A sparkly, radiant artist I met at a women’s retreat last summer in Topanga, California, Umber Dove is a creative, silversmith, medicine keeper and nature lover. I discovered her beautiful clothing line + nature-inspired jewelry shop ~ check out her inspiring, flower & light-filled Instagram {photo above taken from her exquisite feed} for the latest designs. img_7233 CAPTIVATOR LOVE BATH SALTS <3 Mood-enhancing flower elixirs + essential oils meet minerals ~ soak in the love like never before. Marrying the energies of flower magic with the rejuvenating and healing powers of salt, this gift offers a transformative + nurturing experience for anyone! Give your loved ones a permission slip to envelope themselves with warmth and love with this easy + affordable stocking-stuffer-sized bundle of love. flower evolution book FLOWEREVOLUTION BOOK Flowerevolution is part traditional guidebook, part “choose-your-own-adventure”. From a stunning array of flower photographs by award-winning photographer Louie Schwartzberg, choose the flowers you’re most attracted to and discover an interactive system that reveals what your favorite flowers say about you! Using flowers as teachers, you'll discover action steps, reflective questions + exquisite practices to evoke your favorite flower’s essence within you. Flowerevolution makes the perfect gift for anyone, including people that you don’t know very well, and those who love flowers, gardening or who are into wellness/nature! >> Download the first two chapters here to check it out. << Know someone who has the book? Elevate their experience + gift them the brand new collection of verrrry special flower elixirs we designed specifically to instigate an internal Flowerevolution ~ *Seedspark*! UZI NYC Probably one of the comfiest articles of clothing that exists, their one-size-fits-all dresses, tunics & kimono tops make great gifts; the styles are timeless and they’ll fit everyone on your list! During other parts of the year, there are more colors in the palette; right now there are black, white & unique prints that can be worn with everything. Their fabrics are the lightest, softest cotton you’ll ever put on your skin, and they are made by hand in Brooklyn, NY. #uzinyc LINOTO I have been a fan of Linoto for years. A long time ago, I bought a flat sheet in ‘copper plum’, a shimmery, two-toned blue + red woven sheet, and have used it as sort of an all-purpose bed covering for years. Linen seems to last forever, and after washing the Linoto linen hundreds of times, I truly believe they will last for my lifetime (and maybe beyond). They have sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers & curtains in a ton of exquisite colors. When I moved this year, I ordered a custom-sewn curtains for the sliding glass door in my bedroom to hang off of a long bamboo pole. A gentleman called me and clarified … “Do you want the heavier curtain linen, or the more flowy linen used for sheets? Because we are six people here, doing all the designing, cutting and sewing …” I am in love ~ knowing the company is small, everything matters and they take the initiative to figure out what you’ll like best in your space! What’s your favorite color right now? Surround yourself with that color. If you don’t like linen as sheets, you can use a flat sheet for draping on a couch or on your bed to envelope yourself in your favorite color. **Photo above taken from their Instagram feed!** rosemary-gladstar MEDICINAL HERBS: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE If you have any family members or friends that are interested in self-teaching themselves how to make their own herbal remedies, I highly recommend Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide as a starter tool for learning more about herbalism! This guide-book walks you through how to identify, grow, harvest, prepare + use 33 different types of healing plants! If you've ever wanted to build your own at-home herbal apothecary, this is where to start!
What unique gifts are you giving this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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